Pronto Xi Payroll

Designed specifically for Australian organisations, Pronto Xi Payroll makes managing employee wages, entitlements, payments and accruals straightforward.

Pronto Xi’s fully integrated Payroll module gives you control over employee pay requirements and the flexibility needed to manage multiple pay frequencies.

  • Numerous allowances and deductions can be created, along with leave types, lump sum payments and salary sacrifice deductions.
  • Overtime payments and shift penalties are easily handled by multiplying the normal pay rate and a scaling factor.
  • The hours worked by an employee can be defined as a permanent transaction, entered on an ad hoc basis each pay run, or recorded using time sheets.
  • Employees with payment frequencies from weekly to monthly can be paid in a single pay run.
  • Pronto Xi Payroll calculates and deducts the correct amount of income tax from each employee’s pay according to a tax rate table, which can be updated if tax
    law changes.
  • Provision is also made for before-tax and after-tax additions and deductions, as well as tax adjustments.
  • A high degree of flexibility in defining leave conditions. You can differentiate between accrued and entitled leave, and set different accrual rates before and after a prescribed qualifying period. Transactions can be posted in any pay run representing leave taken, leave loading or payments in lieu of leave.
  • You can differentiate between accrued and entitled leave, and set different accrual rates before and after a qualifying period. Transactions representing leave taken, leave loading or payments in lieu of leave can be posted in any pay run.
  • You can maintain separate general ledger accounts, which are automatically posted, for salary and wages, leave payments, and provisions for leave and superannuation.
  • Pronto Xi Payroll handles Electronic Funds Transfer payments.

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