Keep your business on the move with our mobile apps

At Applied Business Technology, we understand that as businesses evolve, the need to be mobile grows too!  What better way to do that than with a series of specific business mobile apps that will keep your business operating while on the move.
Our mobile apps include the ability to scan barcodes to keep track of your stock with mStocktake, meeting the needs of the retail sector with a mobile point of sale system with mPOS,

be ahead of AusPost and courier companies and track your deliveries from your warehouse to customers and collect customer signatures with mManifest, capture the times, and most importantly keep track of all approvals for expenditure, invoices, payments or staff leave with TESA.

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Manage your stock on the go with mStocktake

Our mStocktake is one of our powerful yet cost effective mobile apps to help you manage your stock levels and quantities in real-time.
You can scan barcodes, monitor, calculate, and manage inventory for your business, staying up to date and in control 24/7, from anywhere.
Value your stock, ensure all stock data is up to date for stock take and gather essential information to help pinpoint areas of loss and best-selling items with our mobile apps.
Your inventory management needs are met with mStocktake.

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Simplify and go mobile for your retail point of sale

mPos is one of our mobile apps that we have designed specifically for the retail sector that is secure, efficient and cost effective to any retail business that will integrate with your ERP system.
With total integration into your ERP system (Pronto Xi, ABT Global and the likes) your staff will have the ability to create and tender sales transactions anywhere in-store.
The extensive functionality of ABT mPOS for Android goes a long way to combat ‘showrooming’ where customers examine products in-store whilst simultaneously browsing on their mobiles to compare prices online.
An easy to use app that allows you to track sales, inventory, customer demands, customer trends, discounts, and report on these accurately, all in one simple app space that you can access from the office or your home.

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Door to door tracking, just like couriers, only better – you control it!

Keeping your deliveries managed every step of the way, just got easier with mManifest!
mManifest is one of our mobile apps that helps you know the location of your business orders from door to door.
With this handy App for Android™ no matter where you are, or time of day, you can now manage, collect data and report on all of your deliveries real-time.

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Throw away the paper or manual clock-in’s with ABT TESA

Now there’s no excuse to not have your timesheets in.  ABT TESA make timesheet creations, submissions and approvals convenient and easy via any mobile device.
Our mobile apps captures staff times and simplifies the user’s working hours, annual leave or sick leave, and approvals in the power of your hand and can be accessed anywhere, anytime, any mobile device.
With the ability to tailor your levels of approval (managers & staff), be accessible on iOS and Android and make the payroll and project costing processes simpler, why wouldn’t you choose TESA?

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