Web service Pronto Xi, connectivity

Web Service: Connect Different Systems to Pronto Xi

As business grows, there are different business systems and applications that are implemented to increase work efficiency. However, without connectivity, sharing information between applications becomes cumbersome and prone to error. Users have to switch between applications, re-enter data multiple times, share data with colleagues manually, and spend more time asking questions and searching for key details. These process inefficiencies increase as the business grows, resulting in less productivity and more mistakes, lower satisfaction among staff and customers, and most importantly, less profit.

Therefore, seamless connectivity between business applications has become critical, especially for larger companies and those with mobile workforces.

The ABT Web Services allows connectivity between different systems and applications to Pronto Xi. They are based on RESTful Web Services and support XML / JSON data format. With API technology, businesses no longer have to replace tools that still serve a purpose. APIs allow businesses to avoid force-fitting existing tools to new applications, instead allowing them to gracefully adapt and integrate the two.

Web service Pronto Xi, connectivity

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Web Service : The RESTful APIs

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) has simplified data exchange process, reducing inefficieny and avoiding insecurity and human error due to manual double entry. APIs specify how software components should interact with each other. It’s commonly used to specify the remote calls exposed to external applications and make it easier to develop graphical user interfaces. And most importantly, it‘s the most cost-efficient way to connect different systesms.
APIs come in a variety of formats or protocols – the most common being representational state transfer (REST) and simple object access (SOAP). APIs that adhere to the REST protocol are called RESTful APIs.
ABT Web Services’ use of RESTful APIs streamlines integration with external applications, affording you greater operational efficiency.

Real-time Connectivity in Web and Mobility

ABT Web Services support the data connectivity and exchange between mobile and web-based applications and Pronto Xi runtime. Since the API’s talk directly to the Pronto Xi runtime, the business rules that have been defined in Pronto Xi are adhered to including masking, pricing rules and other major function flags.

No Additioanl Server Required

ABT Web Services are installed on the same server as Pronto Xi and hence no additional servers are required. You can run multiple instances of ABT Web Services on the same server (for e.g. Production Instance and UAT Instance). ABT Web Services can be installed and is fully supported on Pronto Xi 710* onwards.

* ABT Web Services for Pronto Xi Versions 700 and below is available, but with limited functionality.

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