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Food distribution
Pronto Xi From ABT

A recipe for growing food distributors.

At ABT we know the choice in selecting the right business system and provider is critical for your business. It’s a difficult decision and mistakes can be costly. We also know you’ve probably been confronted by a bewildering selection of software companies and solutions providers who all claim to understand your business.
So how do you know what’s best when it comes time to gear up for growth?

ERP for Food Distribution

What’s holding you back?

Every business is unique, but we’ve seen and solved a lot of common “pain points” for our food distribution customers.
Do you have any of these?

  • A systems partner who doesn’t understand the food distribution business
  • Growth is a strain on your business systems
  • Lack of real-time information across all areas of your business
  • Limits on how many people can access your accounting system
  • Critical operations handled by accounting add-ons and extras that don’t properly integrate
  • Warehousing and pick/pack/dispatch not part of core financial systems
  • Stocktake problems
  • Lack of visibility of stock on hand
  • Key business reports manually prepared on Excel spreadsheets
  • Critical business processes manually handled by a few key personnel and can’t be automated
  • Difficulty in tracking costs across operations and warehousing
  • Lack of controls over ordering from your suppliers
  • In the field ordering for sale reps not part of core financial system
  • Problems with proper tracking of stock levels
  • POS system for factory stores and shops is not part of main accounting system


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Pronto Xi from ABT Group delivers:

  • One, integrated system to control all aspects of your business operations
  • Support for multiple companies/divisions/business units
  • Developed specifically for Australian businesses
  • Freedom from old or custom written programs
  • Real-time dashboards and information across all areas
  • Detailed information on customers that can be easily accessed by all parts of business
  • Multiple currency support
  • Multi-location and multi-warehouse support
  • Stock control, advanced warehousing and distribution systems with customisation of weights and measures specifically for the food business
  • Random weights
  • FIFO/LIFO warehousing
  • Supply chain management
  • Integrated HR & Payroll
  • Optional online ordering for both consumers and trade customers
  • Facilities management and service scheduling
ERP for Food Distribution

ABT Group has decades of experience in supplying robust, feature rich Pronto Xi to Australian food distributors of all sizes. Some of Australia’s largest and best known distributors rely entirely on ABT Group’s solutions and expertise for their day-to-day operations and the success of their business.

As Australia’s largest supplier of Pronto Xi, every ABT client receives:

  • Professional business analysis
  • Complete setup and implementation
  • Measurable outcomes and testing
  • Training and assistance for staff transition to modern systems
  • Ongoing support and assistance

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