Accounts Payable Automation for Pronto Xi

Your business needs fast, accurate invoice processing— but keeping track of paperwork, faxes, emails and enquirers can be a costly, time-consuming job.

  • Are you employing financially trained professionals to be data entry clerks?
  • Do you get errors created by the manual entry?
  • Can you get the job done more efficiently and with even faster authorisations?
  • Do you suffer from losing visibility over the process?

The traditional dilemma faced by AP executives has been to try to gain better visibility and control of key financial data while holding down the line on operational costs. A manual system, bogged down by paper invoices and payments, makes that a daunting challenge.

ABT has formed a partnership with Redmap to deliver the most functional and efficient AP Automation solution for Pronto Xi customers. The integrated interface automates your accounts payable processing, allowing you to

  • Scan and route invoices electronically at the point of collection.
  • Capture key information automatically without any manual data entry
  • Sort and file invoices for retrieval at the click of a button.

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How it works

Automating your accounts payable processing will create efficiency gains of between 50% and 75% The automated process removes the manual check of the invoice against the Purchase Order, the routing of the invoice to the appropriate party where required, data entry into Pronto Xi and the filing of the invoice for retrieval at the click of a button.

The illustration above shows the process through which invoices are sent.

  • Invoices are emailed and have the data extracted from them.
  • The extracted data is used to try and match the invoice to the PO in Pronto Xi.
  • Those that match are straight through processed to Pronto Xi.
  • Those that do not match are routed to the appropriate resource for authorisation.


  • improve efficiency by removing the manual processing
  • reduce risk of errors in manual data entry
  • provide your team the visibility over the entire process via Customer configurable dashboard reports
  • monitoring and escalations are systemically applied to the invoice population

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