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Pronto Xi Payroll module is a comprehensive payroll system that provides you with numerous allowances and deductions, along with leave types, lump-sum payments, salary sacrifice deductions and overtime payments and shift penalties. 

The hours worked by an employee can be defined as a permanent transaction, entered on an ad hoc basis each pay run, or recorded using timesheets. Furthermore, you have the ability to pay employees in different payment frequencies from weekly to monthly, either in together or in separate pay runs. 

Payroll also calculates and deducts the income tax from each employee’s pay according to a tax rate table, which can be updated if tax laws change. There is provision for before-tax and after-tax additions and deductions, as well as tax adjustments. Moreover, leave conditions can be easily defined and differentiated between accrued and entitled leave, as well as different accrual rates before and after a specified qualifying period.

Finally, transactions representing leave taken, leave loading or payments in lieu of leave can be processed in any pay run, and you can maintain separate General Ledger.

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