Making every customer experience memorable has never been as important.

Point of Sale technology used to thought of as boring but necessary; just another logical ho-hum element of any good retailers technology arsenal.  Those days are gone.  Because great customer interactions aren’t about growth any more.  They’re about survival.  And so boring old POS is now mission critical post lockdowns.

Nowadays, POS system is not only a tool for checkout, but also an end-to-end system that handles all aspects of a retail enterprise. You can manage product inventory and sell on multiple sales channels. Personalised promotions can be designed and triggered based on defined rules. Multiple tender types are supported including buy-now, pay-later solutions. Varying sales types such as refunds, exchanges, lay-bys, customer accounts and quotations. With a flexible way to create POS workflows, you can create custom screens to handle desirable product selling scenarios.

Pronto Xi Retail

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