ERP for Electrical Distribution & Contractors

There is no typical day or typical requirements for Electrical contracting businesses. They are required to serve other contractors, end customers or to ship sensitive electrical products in time such as lighting fixtures, sensors or motor starters etc

To keep up with competition and forever changing customer demands, and to ensure company’s  profitability, electrical distributors need specific solution capabilities for their successful distribution business.

Electrical distribution companies have various business processes that might not be supported by every software solution platform. For example, direct over the counter sales with multiple payment types, hundreds of product types, hiring, product cutting, sampling, exchanges, returns & refunds, quoting complex job management, including custom orders and quotations, deliveries and processing various job types. However, there are also necessities in Electrical distribution business process. ABT can assist you with a personalised platform with Pronto Xi ERP that will automate and support business needs and help your business grow.

Leading electrical distributors like Rexel, Salmon Bros, Shannon Electrics and many more brands trust ABT  for their ERP platforms.  ABT is one of the premium Pronto ERP partners delivering affordable, personalised solutions for over 30 years and we partner for your business growth journey with reliable personalised ERP for your electrical business. ABT group are specialists in ERP consulting, training, implementation and management with in house skilled business consultants, designers, implementers and other technical full-time staff to support and manage our client’s needs.

Key requirements from our clients:

  • Complete visibility and accurate reporting across all business operations in all locations.
  • Ability to properly integrate a wide range of supplier catalogues for better customer service and increased sales.
  • Every part of the business managed by one, comprehensive system that’s totally suited to the needs of electrical wholesalers.
  • Business Intelligence to take actions towards business growth and sustainability.
  • A business system that can be run in-house, hosted or in the cloud and on any platform.
  • Freedom of choice for future web and e-commerce solutions.
  • Knowing your business systems are proven to scale to almost any size.
  • A business partner with decades of experience with leading Australian electrical wholesalers.

Why Pronto Xi

Pronto Xi easily handles all aspects of your sales ordering and automatically updates your stock and inventory levels. Get a clear picture of inventory across all of your business’s locations with real-time tracking of stock levels and movement.

Keep a keen eye on the stock coming in and out of your door with the Sales Order and Purchase Order modules. Automatically allocate back-orders and stock replenishment, calculate freight, and track dispatch across multiple countries and currencies, all while having full access to your history.

Manage current inventory with full 3D warehouse layouts, serial number and lot tracking, and effortless RF scanning systems.

ABT Group is a specialist in implementing Australian developed Pronto Xi into electrical wholesalers. Some of the industry’s best-known suppliers of all sizes run their entire day-to-day financial, warehousing and distribution environments that have been supplied by ABT.

ABT partners with you to provide every aspect training, consulting and local support for your long term success and growth. Please feel free to contact us to ask how we could assist your electrical business.

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