During promotion season, sales increase dramatically.  Merchants put advertising and promotional campaigns hoping to grasp the golden opportunity to maximize sales and profits. However, have you ever suffered the point of sale issue that the system doesn’t perform as it should?In practical terms this means lost sales, angry customers, and frustrated staff. In the new Pronto Xi 740 promotion engine, new pricing and discount models have been added to match your promotion needs.

With Pronto Xi 740, promotions can apply to all backorders raised at the POS or existing supplier rebates can be recorded. Similarly, new features expand and simplify promotions linked to coupons. Threshold promotions, such as ‘spend and save’ are also now easier to set up and manage.

Pronto Xi 740 gives you a way to assure service performance for POS applications and could be a big differentiator when it comes to winning and retaining retail business.

Promotion Engine Enhancements

  • Promotions can apply to all backorders created at the POS
  • Existing supplier rebates can be recorded, facilitating the collaboration with them
  • A promotion’s discount can be displayed separately or incorporated in the sales line total
  • Specific brands or products can be excluded from all active promotions


  • Promotions triggered by single or multi-use coupons can offer customers a discount on their next purchase
  • A coupon can activate a promotion
  • New tracking features outline coupon redemption

Threshold promotions

  • It is now easier to set up a ‘spend and save’ promotion (eg.spend $100, save $20) to match a marketing campaign.
  • You can create threshold promotions that trigger a discount off a particular item. The discount may be an item at a specific price (eg. spend $100, get a free item) or a discount

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