ABT Improves Operations for Salmon Bros. Electric using Pronto Software

Salmon Bros. Electric philosophy is to provide a high quality of electrical services & products. This philosophy has ensured their success to become an icon of the Australian electrical wholesale industry.

Salmon Bros. Electric is a family run business with 150 employees. It has an immediate pricing capability for 40,000 superior electric maintenance products.

The Business Challenge

Salmon Bros. Electric were looking to manage large volume and diverse sales in addition to controlling the company’s stock, manufacturing and distribution.

“It was obvious that we needed new financial management software, as what we were using was not meeting the demands of our growing business.” said Managing Director, Peter Salmon.

Why ABT?

ABT was an obvious choice. ABT understood the needs of the business with an established track record in developing the financial solutions required. They were also highly recommended by Salmon Bros. Accountants.

Smooth & Efficient Roll-Out

ABT implemented a 56-user Pronto system with ten standard modules including Financials, POS (Point of Sale), Stock, Payroll, Production, CRM, ABT Fax Email for Pronto, enterprise-wide e-mail and eCommerce.

“The level of ABT’s commitment and involvement in the project was outstanding and far exceeded our expectations,” said Mr Salmon.

Implementation and Training

ABT provided extensive training to all the Salmon Bros. employees with the training being conducted on site by experienced trainers.

“That phase of implementation was especially important, given that Salmon Bros. has no internal technical support,” explained Mr Salmon.

“ABT provided a trainer who understood our company’s culture, and who had the ability to impart his knowledge of the system to our staff very effectively.”

Project Transition

The biggest challenge posed by Salmon Bros. Electric implementation was its scope.

For the smoothest transition to the new enterprise-wide system, ABT had to ensure that several modules would go live simultaneously, which they managed to do successfully.

In the post- implementation stage, ABT continues to work closely with Salmon Bros. Electric to ensure all systems work effectively and handle the company’s business and accounting procedures.

ABT execute fast and cost-effective upgrades to ensure that the software stays constantly up to date.

“We have exactly what we need to make sure that all the parts of our growing business are working together and will continue to do so,” said Mr. Salmon.

“Our enterprise management system is easy to use, functional and time and cost-effective, and we have a good working relationship with ABT, who fully understand our business and accounting needs.”

The Outcome

With the successful implementation of new and improved financial management systems now complete, Salmon Bros. Electric is set to expand its use to include more employees as the business continues to go from strength to strength.