Brooks – Pronto Software Dimensions Upgrade

Client: Brooks Australia – Fire, Evacuation and Warning Systems

Interview with: Mandy Oliver, Financial Controller, Brooks

The release in April 2011 of the new Pronto-Xi Dimensions saw the most significant uplift to Pronto since the inaugural ‘Xi’ version in 2002.

With an embedded Business Intelligence (BI) solution, enhanced Enterprise intelligence tools and an easier user interface, Pronto Dimensions brings a level of sophistication and depth of product functionality to companies that had previously found such a deployment cost prohibitive.

With many ABT clients having now successfully implemented the new upgrade and more planning to upgrade in the near future, we thought we should catch up with Mandy Oliver, Financial Controller from Brooks, to get her feedback on their recent upgrade to Pronto Dimensions.

A bit about Brooks

Since 1973 Brooks has continuously set industry benchmarks for innovative commercial and residential fire systems design, together with audible and visual warning evacuation systems.

ABT: “The inclusion of IBM Cognos10 Business Intelligence to Pronto Dimensions has been applauded by IT industry pundits but has it made a difference to you as a Financial Controller?”
Mandy Oliver: “I’ve found the reports in BI and the Accounts Receivable Dashboard helps me enormously day-to-day. The new screen layout and graphics makes for easy interpretation at a glance.”

ABT: “What about your lines of reporting? Have the BI tools improved these?”
Mandy Oliver: “It’s perfect for the CEO. I’ve set up dashboards on his ipad, and he is very happy being able to view daily sales reports in and out of the office.”

ABT: “Has the business experienced any noticeable benefit with Cognos BI?”
Mandy Oliver: “I’d have to say reports are now far more accessible to staff, making for clearer analysis and better decision making”

ABT: “Dimensions enhanced Enterprise Intelligence includes some new alert functions, do you find this extra function useful?”
Mandy Oliver: “We use Alerts daily for sales order status. Adding warning notifications to customers.”
“I have added an alert to all cash and COD accounts so when a user processes a sales order they receive a COD ONLY alert.”
“I’ve also setup an alert to email my accounts team when a sales order has been entered that will need to be released as the customer is on credit hold. This helps us do our debt collect as we will immediately ring the customer to inform them their account is on stop due to exceeding credit limit, or outstanding invoices.”

ABT: “A key feature of the Dimensions upgrade is the new interface. How do you find the new user experience?”
Mandy Oliver: “True to the promise it is easy to use. Since it’s more windows based staff who don’t have previous Pronto experience can easily find their way around, which also really cuts down on training time”

ABT: “Did your business decide to employ any new modules with the Dimensions upgrade?”
Mandy Oliver: “We installed Trueforms with our Dimensions upgrade; there were a few small teething problems which ABT quickly sorted out for us; and we are extremely happy with the quality stationery and automatically generated invoices”

ABT: “Are there any other Dimension enhancements you find particularly beneficial?”
Mandy Oliver: “Sending transaction data to excel is an enhancement we use everyday in the accounts department. It has saved us so much time when reconciling”

ABT: “How did you find the ABT team’s performance during the upgrade process?”
Mandy Oliver: “We’ve been an ABT client for about 14 years now and as always ABT met my expectations fully. Also the training ABT supplied in BI was very worthwhile and very well run”

ABT: “What’s the stand out feature for you as Financial Controller in Dimensions.”
Mandy Oliver: “I’d have to say more control in Trueform is a real plus”

ABT: “Would you recommend Dimensions to other current Pronto users?”
Mandy Oliver: “I would most definitely, it has met all of my needs”

With Pronto-Xi Dimensions ABT now offers the benefits of a seamlessly integrated ERP transaction engine and Business Intelligence offering at a value that’s unmatched in the industry.

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