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Automate your freight management via ABT SmartFreight® for Pronto Xi Interface

With over 2000 active clients in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, and South Africa, SmartFreight® is a feature-packed modular system to quickly and cost effectively dispatch and control all aspects of freight management while fulfilling customer expectations within an e-commerce environment.

ABT SmartFreight® System Benefits:

  • Supports ProntoXi Distribution and warehousing modules
  • Seamless integration with bi-directional interface
  • Supports single & bulk dispatch
  • User defined options
  • Least cost routing by transit time for all shipments
  • Reconcile electronic carrier invoice in seconds
  • Upload from SmartFreight®freight costs, carrier selected, connote number etc into Pronto Xi
  • ASN sent to every client to inform them of impending delivery

How it works:

  • PRONTO-Xi Interface

When interfaced to the Pronto Xi system, SmartFreight® can pass freight cost and/or markup back to Pronto Xi in real time to be added to invoice if required.

  • Carrier Independence

One system to process all your freight requirements that remains your property & not that of your freight company.

  • Carrier Pricing

All carrier rates can be entered into the system which can then be accurately and easily maintained.

  • Least Cost Routing

The system can automatically display & select the cheapest freight option from those carriers in the system.

  • Reporting

Comprehensive reporting capability to accurately check carrier invoices and to provide detailed analysis on freight costs.

  • Carrier Invoice Reconciliation

Ability to obtain carrier freight invoice in electronic format & produce automatic reconciliation report.

Plug ABT SmartFreight’s® shipping platform into your Pronto Xi and discover the easy way to take control of freight! 

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